White Paper: The Case for the Chief Packaging Officer

Packaging can make or break a new brand, breathe new life into a forgotten product line. The strategic significance of this cross-functional activity requires a “packaging czar” who can lead the organization to innovate, increase quality and reduce errors, maximize ROI and speed time to market. Not sure you agree? Want to dig deeper?



Checklist: The Top 10 Technology Questions You Need to Answer Before Implementing a Packaging Workflow Management System

To help you identify what you need to know to make software selection and implementation go smoothly, we’ve created a Technology Readiness Checklist – the top 10 technology focused questions to answer before implementing a packaging workflow management system. You can download it for free.

You’ll learn:

  • The questions to ask about existing technology
  • What to consider about prospective users
  • Where ROI considerations come into play


Download The Technology Readiness Checklist


Checklist: How to Assess Whether Your Business Is Ready to Automate Packaging Design Workflows

Automating complex processes like packaging workflows and design management requires some foundational steps. The BLUE Software Business Readiness Checklist is a great starting point for CPG, pharma and retail private label companies that have yet to automate their artwork review and approval workflows or are re-booting/expanding existing technology. It poses some of the same questions as the Technology Readiness Checklist, but in a very different context.

The Business Readiness Checklist will help you:

  • Streamline information gathering for successful automation
  • Assess potential change management issues
  • Make the business case for automation


Download The Businesss Readiness Checklist


eBook: Accelerating Product Time to Market for Private Label Food & Drug Retailers

As private label products have become a growing contributor to brand reputation in addition to revenues for food and drug retailers, accelerating time to market for these products has become a strategic imperative. Packaging has led the way to elevating store brands in the eyes of consumers. It can also be a bottleneck in the product development process and slow product TTM. New technologies can automate and optimize complex packaging processes, making them more repeatable and reliable. 

Download: Comprehensive New ROI Calculator From BLUE D2L

If you’re seeking software solutions to automate your packaging processes, when’s the right time to start seeking a vendor? Believe it or not, many companies start too soon – before taking some preliminary steps to get buy-in from team members/future users and to assure that sufficient funding will be available to acquire the right solution. The Design2Launch Enterprise ROI Calculator is a comprehensive, multi-tab spreadsheet developed to help you make a rational, fact-based case for packaging process automation, based on industry benchmarks and your own data. 

Get The ROI Calculator

Webinar-WordpressWebinar: Packaging & Global Regulation: Prepare to Manage Change or it will Manage You

The first webinar in our series for packaging professionals focuses on managing packaging in ever-evolving regulatory environments. Getting a workflow in place that lets you manage change — so it doesn’t manage you — is critical. From assessing your organization’s needs to getting executive buy-in, we walk you through the best practices and key considerations to set yourself up for success. Take a listen and download the slides to learn more.

Watch the Webinar Here

FDA Nutrition Label Rule Changes WebinarWebinar: FDA Nutrition Label Rule Changes: Prepare Today for Success Tomorrow

The second webinar in our series for packaging professionals focuses on the FDA’s proposed nutrition label rule changes. Understanding their proposals and their implications for your packaging process is key to an accurate and efficient implementation. This webinar offers an overview and explanation of the changes and actionable steps you can take to start getting your organization prepared.  Take a listen and download the slides to learn more. 

Watch the Nutrition Facts Relabel Webinar Now

FDA_resourcesWebinar: FDA Update on Nutrition Label Rule Changes

The third webinar in our series for packaging professionals focuses on managing packaging in a multiple-jurisdiction regulatory environment. Dr. Claudine J. Kavanaugh, PhD, MPH, RD of the Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reviews the agencies latest announcements and conducts a Q&A. This webinar discusses:

  • Proposed Rules for Updates to the Nutrition Facts Label Issued March 2014
  • July 2015 Supplemental Proposed Rule for Updates to the Nutrition Facts Label
  • Process, timing and compliance for implementation of the Nutrition Facts Label updates

Watch the Webinar Here