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Hellmann’s has released a new squeeze bottle packaging design in response to research that revealed significant quantities of mayo remained inaccessible in previous bottles. The brand made three improvements that contribute to what it terms, “superior squeeze.”

The first feature, the angled tip, promises the user more control, allowing precise application of mayonnaise. Second, the ‘clean-lock’ cap claims to not only open with ease, but also to prevent condiment jams and messes. Finally, Hellmann’s has designed the overall bottle to be easier in the hand to facilitate maximum squeeze performance. That means more mayo eaten and less wasted.

“The new Hellmann’s squeeze is unlike any other squeeze bottle on the market,” said Russel Lilly, Marketing Director at Hellmann’s. “It is designed not only to satisfy our consumers’ taste buds, but also to make sure they don’t miss a bite.”

The new bottle is being used across several product segments and comes in three sizes. It is available at select grocery stores across the U.S.


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