Philadelphia-based Kanter Spirits appointed Spring Design Partners to create a standout brand for its new single-serve premium cocktail products. Following the cocktail-maker’s request, the New York City-based design agency took brand and packaging design inspiration from the Prohibition Era.

After research and deliberation, the team decided to name the product “Bamboozlers,” a term that has evolved to describe a good drink. The Bamboozlers cocktails come in five varieties: Long Island Iced Tea, Tom Collins, Whiskey Black Tea, Margarita and Paloma. The labels for each variety feature a swizzle stick plus a unique icon that harks back to the Prohibition Era, such as a vintage plane or a fedora. The clear bottle shows off the colorful product inside, further differentiating the flavors.

Kanter said:

“I brought my brand to Spring Design while the products were still in the development phase. The team was instantly enthusiastic and inspired by my concept, and that infectious energy stayed alive throughout the branding process. I came to Spring Design for their expertise and I ended up with brilliance.”

The Bamboozlers cocktails exemplify the alcoholic beverage category’s growing single-serve, ready-to-drink trend. Southern Comfort’s ready-to-drink products deliver blends of whisky and cola straight from the can. The U-Boot’s innovative packaging allows the consumer to mix the cocktail simply by opening it. Now even wine can be found in single-serve packages.


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