Purina has redesigned the pet food packaging for its Just Right product to be even more personal.

Originally launched last year, the Just Right packaging includes a personalized name, photo and feeding instructions for each dog. According to Purina, the upgraded label is even more focused on the pet owner’s dog, demonstrating its belief that each pet deserves its own unique meal plan.

According to Brian Lester, director of marketing for Just Right by Purina, the personalized photo increased from 195-by-200 pixels to 560-by-410 pixels, now taking up nearly half of the label’s space. Lester said that Purina also updated its site’s photo upload tool to support the personalization process for consumers. According to Lester, the newly implemented Filepicker lets consumers upload photos directly from social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Consumers can also zoom, crop and rotate their photos on Purina’s site.

Lester said:

“Through consumer feedback and insights, we heard that our consumers also found the photo an important and delightful part of the Just Right experience. We also learned that while the photo was something consumers were excited to include, they also needed the photo upload experience to be seamless. Hearing that feedback, we were committed to implementing changes that would make the process of putting your dog’s photo on the bag of food you created for him even easier, and with a more exciting end result. Those commitments resulted in the enhanced photo upload tool on our site and a greater emphasis of the dog’s photo on the front label of our packaging.”

Although usually limited to promotional campaigns, personalized packaging seems to be a trend. Earlier this year, Lay’s launched a social media tool that allowed consumers to upload their photos onto bags of potato chips. The first 10,000 users received actual bags with their personalized photos and captions. Similar to Coca-Cola’s personalized Share-A-Coke campaign, Snicker’s playful Hunger Bars campaign replaced the candy bar’s logo with one of 20 personalized hunger symptoms.

h/t: http://www.packagingdigest.com/packaging-design/dog-food-packaging-gets-more-personable

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