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The packaging design inspiration behind Kura Nutrition’s new Smoothie Powder came directly from the product’s origins: New Zealand. Even the Kura logo’s dark brown color is a reference to its heritage.

Each side of the box provides information about Kura and the dairy protein powder’s source. These info panels were converted into grid-form to ensure fit on the individual powder sachets inside the box. Perhaps the biggest contributor to the New Zealand aesthetic, one side panel features landscape photography of green hills and grazing cows accompanied by the following description:

“New Zealand’s rolling hills are home to the most pristine pastures in the world. Here, our cows graze year-round to produce the purest dairy from which Kura’s GMO and hormone free products are created. Bringing New Zealand’s world-class dairy protein to your home, Kura is delicious, natural nutrition that’s perfect for everybody, every day.”


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