Starbucks has created four cool and unique designs for its summer promotional packaging. Each drink size features its own cup with hand-drawn, summer-inspired illustration that incorporates the company’s signature green dot.

The Starbucks trenta cold cup features a throwback—a boombox with two green dots as the speakers. The tall cup features a white flip-flop decorated with the same green dots. The grande cup features an electric fan with a round green cover. Finally, the venti cup dons a pair of sunglasses with green lenses.

“Each design represents a different, yet familiar aspect of the summer months—from fashion to relaxing to simply cooling off,” said senior designer Joanna Price. “We had so much fun from conception to reality with the designs.

Starbucks Creative Studio said it brainstormed several designs before settling on the final illustrations. Early concepts included surfboards, ice cream, balloons and bathing suits. Thom Head designed the flip-fop, Kelsey Cole made the sunglasses and Price designed the fan and boombox.

The new summer cups and paper bags are similar to Starbucks’ holiday season promotional packaging, which switches its white hot cup out for a festive red design.


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