The BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid™ comes in Star Wars promotional packaging designed by toy robotics company Sphero.

The Boulder, Colorado-based company said it worked closely with Lucasfilm Ltd. to ensure the package design’s accuracy. Sphero also wanted the packaging to convey the idea that the Droid is far more than just a toy.

The packaging features sans serif text, a realistic image of the product and primarily monochromic colors. The packaging contains inner and outer rigid boxes, both finished with a matte soft-touch laminate. The tactile design elements indicate the product’s premium level. The side panels contain hardware and software information, while the front and back panels explain the Droid’s character and technology.

Sphero said it designed the packaging to create a fun unboxing experience. The ‘shipping crate’ contains a brief start-up guide. The owner picks up the guide to reveal the Droid, resting in a dense EVA foam.

Star Wars’ persistent popularity, coupled with the upcoming film The Force Awakens, has encouraged many brands to use the franchise in their packaging and promotional campaigns. It may be a natural choice for a toy robot company, but even make-up brand CoverGirl has released its own Star Wars-inspired collection in anticipation of the film’s December 18 release date.


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