CoverGirl has announced a Star Wars makeup collection, featuring promotional packaging for the upcoming film Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Designed by makeup artist Pat McGrath, the official Star Wars Makeup Collection features 19 products: six shimmery lipsticks, three nail polishes and 10 mascaras.

The products feature names inspired by the franchise, including C-3PO gold and Stormtrooper silver lipsticks. The mascara packages feature movie quotes like “May the force be with you,” “You’re my only hope” and “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

This is not the first recent beauty packaging inspired by a story. While the Star Wars packaging tells the epic story of light versus dark, Anthropologie’s recent Fictions fragrance collection features book-shaped packaging inspired by classic romance themes. Each package from this collection also has its own tagline. Story-telling through packaging seems to be a recent trend.

McGrath designed two conceptual beauty looks in conjunction with the makeup collection. Stormtroopers and droids inspired the avant-garde looks.

The limited edition collection will be released on September 4, months ahead of The Force Awakens’ December 18 release date.


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