Macy’s Inc. has unveiled a new line of private label wines.

The Cincinnati-based company has partnered with Philadelphia-based KDM Global Partners LLC to produce the new line. The private label wines will be sold in select Macy’s-owned stores and restaurants beginning in the fall of 2015.

The private label line will feature three wines, all from California: a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Pinot Noir.

The wine packaging features Macy’s signature red star logo against a white label. The label also displays three larger transparent stars in a row—the left and right stars cut in half by the edges of the label.

KDM President Jonathan Gelula said:

“Macy’s will have three wonderful, beautifully packaged wines to offer its guests. This flagship wine brand will create additional exposure for and loyalty to the Macy’s wine category among its customers—enhancing the overall Macy’s experience. As always, private label wines are great for a retailer’s store margins and category bottom lines.”

This is not the first time KDM has produced a private label for Macy’s. The winemaker and custom label specialist also created a private label under the Marshall Field’s banner, as well as another Macy’s label in 2007.

Macy’s seems to be following the trend of retailers capitalizing on private label alcoholic beverages. Trader Joe’s, for example, offers its own private label wine line, Charles Shaw. Starbucks and Whole Foods also offer beer and wine at select locations now.

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