Beech-Nut  has conducted a brand overhaul – including changes to product and packaging — supported by the tagline “real food for babies.” It is aimed at health conscious, Millennial parents. As such, consumer input played a large role. Over 2,000 mothers of infants took part in a year-long series of consumer studies. Regarding product changes that include minimal ingredients and processing, Andy Dahlen, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Beech-Nut said:

“The products are aimed at the four million infants born yearly in the U.S. Their moms seek ‘real food’ with ‘clean’ ingredient labels. They want to know what’s in the jar and where it comes from.”

Beech-Nut disrupted traditional baby food packaging with its  “honeypot” jar. This shape allows the product to literally stand above traditional baby food jars and enhance label visibility. Beech-Nut chose to retain glass materials to best showcase the product and appeal to environmentally conscious young mothers. Other advantages to the container include minimal food waste (thanks to the wide base) and microwave-ability.
Beech-Nut designed a simple, transparent label that focuses on the primary ingredient,  featuring the natural, healthful appeal of the baby food inside.

“We wanted to maximize the ability for mom to see the product and its beautiful color and texture showcased through a transparent label,” said Dahlen.

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