Orbis Corporation has announced Plasticorr, a new sustainable packaging solution for automated packaging lines.

Orbis used its patented EnfoldTM technology to create a design that would allow Plasticorr to be a drop-in replacement for fibre-corrugated boxes. Orbis designed Plasticorr’s folding box flaps to be used more than once, promoting re-usability in packaging lines. The company said Plasticorr can be used in all kinds of low, medium and high-speed lines in multiple cycles throughout the supply chain.

The packaging manufacturer claims that Plasticorr represents a shift in supply chain efficiency for food, beverage and consumer packaged goods companies. According to the company, manufacturers can cut down 74 percent in cumulative energy, 89 percent in water consumption and 61 percent of solid waste by using the new sustainable packaging solution.

Director of Business Development Bill McMahon:

“Historically, fiber corrugated boxes have been the backbone of most automated packaging lines and shipping scenarios within supply chains, but as supply chains have evolved, so too has the need for a comprehensive reusable solution that can holistically address the many needs of modern supply chains. With PlastiCorr, companies are now able to implement reusable packaging solutions that meet the automation requirements of packaging applications with a drop-in replacement while offering significant financial, operational and environmental benefits.”

h/t: http://www.packagingnews.co.uk/news/materials/corrugated/orbis-offers-first-plastic-reusable-corrugated-box-29-09-2015

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