Using plastic packaging for certain liquids may carry risk; films can erode and peel, causing leaks and difficulty with handling. But plastic packaging news from Japan may present a solution.

In response to these issues, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) Co., Ltd. has developed a plastic packaging material that can contain liquid with an alcohol content up to 99.5 percent. It can also withstand other harsh contents such as alkali, acid and incense. The company trumped its 70 percent alcohol-resistant material introduced in 2007 by making improvements to its raw materials and manufacturing method.

DNP claims its new plastic material can be used for a wide array of substances such as spices, bath additives, certain agricultural chemicals and medical supplies. DNP also says that its plastic packages can be easily handled and opened. Because of their high disposability, more and more plastic packages are being used. If the packaging material is indeed this durable, it may have the potential to be used where previously cans or glass bottles would have been the materials of choice.


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