Axion Consulting, a UK-based company, is leading a two-year packaging project with some of the largest names in the industry including Nestle and Unliever UK.
Flexible packaging constitutes bags, wrappers and many types of pouches accounting for 32 percent of consumer plastic packaging in the UK. However, virtually none of these packages are recycled.
One reason for this may be consumer confusion as to whether or not the material is recyclable.The goal of the “REFLEX” project is to create a circular economy for flexible packaging. Taking every step of the flexible packaging process from polymer production to waste management and recycling into account, Axion aims to find more sustainable opportunities.

Axion Director Roger Morton announced:

“This project aims to remove the barriers preventing flexible packaging being recycled, thus enabling recyclers such as Axion and SITA to change the supply chain, create a circular economy in flexible packaging and divert it from landfill.”

Axion and its cohorts have begun researching how flexible packaging can be collected, resorted, and reprocessed.


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