Pizza Hut has introduced an innovative packaging design for its latest promotion in Hong Kong. Designed by ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, the “Blockbuster Box” includes a small lens that can project films from consumers’ smart phones.

The projector lens comes attached to the pizza saver inside the box. The consumer punches out the perforated circle on the box’s side and places the lens into the hole. They can then scan a code using their smartphones to play a free movie. When the phone is positioned inside the box, the lens projects the device’s screen onto the wall.

The Blockbuster Box comes in four designs, each inspired by a different film genre: “Fully Loaded” for action, “Slice Night” for horror, “Hot & Ready” for romance and “Anchovy Armageddon” for sci-fi. The red and black illustrations on the box interact with the projector opening; for example, the romance box’s circle contains a sun, while the sci-fi box features a space creature’s tentacle.


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