MWV and AstraZeneca teamed up to design a pharmaceutical package that promotes patient adherence. To simplify the medication’s complicated dosing regimen, the SEROQUEL XR® Bipolar Depression Titration Pack was designed with a number of patient-friendly features.

Its detailed calendared blister card teaches the patient how to measure the appropriate dose. Each individual pill cavity is labeled with its day and dose. The pack also features an extended label with easy-to-read information about the medication, bipolar depression and dosing instructions. The company intended the pink color scheme to be friendly and inviting.

John Grinnell, managing director, Secondary & Adherence, MWV Healthcare, said:

“Both patients and providers needed a hands-on tool to help guide medication initiation. Packaging is the one tool that stays with the patient and the medication throughout the treatment journey, making it uniquely effective in providing titration support.”

The pack won the 2014 HCPC Compliance Package of the Year from the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council, awarded during RxAdherence 2015. The award has been presented to innovative, compliance-promoting pharmaceutical packages since 1995.


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