Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. has developed an easy-opening pharma packaging solution for single-dose applications. Called Peelable Exponent™, the package joins the company’s Barex® replacement product line.

According to the Addison, Illinois-based company, its chemical and packaging engineers designed the package to hold difficult chemicals and still be easy to handle. The company said that due to the growth of the senior citizen demographic, easy-to-open packaging has become one of its top priorities. More and more companies seem to be developing easy-to-open packaging for pharmaceutical products, such as the recent Medi-CRREO Child-Resistant Pouch from Pactech Packaging–USA and Presto Products Co.

Rollprint Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dwane Hahn said:

“Knowing that our customers would need to fully validate any Barex alternatives we asked, ‘What else would you change now if you had the option for the perfect product?’ The most common response received was ‘the desire for an easy opening feature’ which is what led us to our latest development.”

According to Rollprint, its technical team and R&D laboratory worked together to find the best balance of chemical inertness, hermetic seals, and peel-ability for the packaging.

Peelable Exponent joins the company’s Exponent™ 2, 3 and 4 products—all of which can hold a variety of chemicals depending on the customer’s needs, Rollprint said. Rollprint offers packaging materials for a variety of products, including foil, high barrier and Clearfoil® structures.


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