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Procter & Gamble has joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition‘s (SPC) How2Recycle Label program, an initiative to educate consumers about more responsible package recycling. The company is launching the program with its Dawn dishwashing liquid brand, which it has positioned for its environment-friendly qualities. The How2Recycle label provides clear, simple instructions for recycling empty bottles correctly.


Anne Bedarf, Senior Manager of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition said,

“We’re excited to welcome P&G to How2Recycle. Seeing the How2Recycle Label on Dawn brand products will help bring much-needed visibility to the importance of recycling plastics like these.”

Bedarf adds that recycling rates are relatively low, even though the public is made aware of the recyclability of plastic bottled products.

P&G’s Dawn labeling will include a new message, “Empty Bottle and Replace Cap,” to encourage users to recycle caps with their bottles. The new label is intended to re-educate consumers who were previously instructed to discard caps with non-recyclables. Recent technological improvements have made it possible to recycle caps, allowing for better plastic recovery.

Consumers can learn more information about recycling opportunities and locations at

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