UK-based design agency Robot Food has created a new brand identity for Bocce’s Bakery, a Brooklyn-based dog treat company.

The brand owner’s dog provided the new packaging design inspiration. The biscuit boxes tell the story of Bocce, “a scruffy mutt with a constantly wagging tail,” and his owners’ desire to improve his diet. The package further explains how the brand founders began baking handmade biscuits using locally sourced, natural ingredients.

Robot Food designed the new packaging to present the biscuits as a premium, all natural product. The back of the packaging lists the biscuit’s natural ingredients along with the promise, “Never ever any artificial ingredients or preservatives, only real yummy food!” A paw print graphic accompanies the text, “You can count the ingredients on one paw.”

Robot Food Creative Director Simon Forster said:

“Pet owners are wising up to the importance of good quality pet food, and Bocce’s are inspiring in their commitment to giving dogs the very best. A boutique, honest ‘foodie’ approach was the way to go, and we’re all delighted with the results. Bocce’s deserves to get noticed for their high standards, great flavors and their genuine passion for all dog-kind.”

Bocce’s Bakery biscuits are available in five flavors: cheese, chicken, duck, peanut butter and salmon.


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