Arctic Paws, LLC founder Brett Gibson attributes his brand’s success, in part, to its packaging, especially the decree that its products use fresh fish harvested in the waters off the coast of Alaska. The pet food packaging for the company’s Yummy Chummies brand comes in several bright colors to represent the line’s varieties of salmon, halibut and cod treats.

Gibson said that his business is rooted in his passion for using the thousands of pounds of salmon, cod and halibut that might otherwise be discarded at Alaskan seafood processing plants. The Yummy Chummies website says Arctic Paws’ production process “ensures full utilization of wild Alaska salmon—an abundant, renewable and sustainable resource.”

The company began making its Yummy Chummies’ original salmon dog treats 15 years ago. As of now, Arctic Paws has produced 21 pet snack varieties, plus salmon oil for dogs and four additional snack packs for cats.

Arctic Paws has also expanded to private label pet treats. The company plans to add five new pet treats by the end of the year—savory jerky strips made of salmon, beef, buffalo, rabbit, venison and lamb.

Yummy Chummies won the grand prize at the 2015 Alaska Symphony of Seafoods and placed first in the new “Beyond the Plate” division.


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