Bormioli Rocco has patented the “New Shaker,” a single dose bottle packaging designed for pre-use mixing of liquids and powders. Previously used only in Europe, the packaging is now available in the U.S. through Amerigo Laboratories.

The bottle’s dual chamber system keeps the two ingredients separate until time of use. The user screws the cap clockwise to release the powder into the liquid, shakes the bottle, unscrews the cap counterclockwise to open and consume the product.

The system can be used to package probiotics and other dietary supplements in 10 milliliter to 60 milliliter bottles. Amerigo said that the shaker can be used to package an additional variety of goods, suggesting energy drinks, nutrition products, and nutricosmetics.

Amerigo described the New Shaker as useful, unique, innovative and fun. It highlighted the bottle’s convenience and ease of use, especially for children, seniors and others who cannot swallow a tablet or capsule. Amerigo also said that the packaging extends shelf life of ingredients that are unstable or that deteriorate rapidly when mixed.


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