In an effort to kill two birds with one stone, the UK packaging manufacturer Parkside is introducing its new Parkscribe Steam packaging. Its aim is twofold; to offer an innovative self-venting microwaveable steam bag for its line of frozen vegetables, and to do so in portion controlled sizes.

Parkside long been known for their history of specializing in the printing, lamination and development of sustainable solutions in food, drink and tobacco packaging. Their new Parkscribe Steam innovation is a convenient answer to consumers looking for smaller, healthier portions and shorter preparation and cooking times.

So far these low hassle, self-venting steam bags have garnered praise. They were recently recognized with a bronze medal for the food category at the Starpack Industry Awards.

“Convenience is one of the fastest growing markets,” said Paula Birch, sales director at Parkside, “and we’re delighted that the judges recognized our innovative solution as a worthy award winner in the food category.”

“The pack is just one of the Parkscribe family of cook ready solutions that answer the consumer need for convenience. A stand out feature of this particular solution is self-vending capabilities, created by laser-scribing technology.

“The consumer can now cook frozen vegetables in the microwave without having to burst, pierce or open the pack beforehand.”

The Parkscribe Steam offers versatility for brand owners. It can be incorporated into pre-existing packaging solutions without cutting down on efficiency. By retrofitting Parkscribe Stream into existing packaging lines, the need for additional machines is unnecessary. Overall, it helps food manufacturers cut down on materials usage and be more environmentally friendly. This makes it not only cost effective for brand owners, but it helps retailers gain confidence in its food-safe credentials. The pack is completely sealed at without any openings or holes that allow for contamination.

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