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A new survey on how consumers view product waste – specifically liquid product that cannot be removed from packaging — has garnered some surprising results. According to LiquiGlide, a packaging company that aims to change the way liquid inside packaging “acts,” product waste was more disliked than a trip to the dentist or daily chores by the 1,000 survey participants

The survey found that packaging waste tends to bother consumers for a multitude of reasons that surpass simple waste of money. Environmental concerns accounted for 16 percent of customer frustration with, “principle of the matter,” accounting for 20 percent.

It also states that 40 percent of consumers will spend considerable time trying to remove every possible drop of product in order to prevent waste

LiquiGlide CEO Dave Smith analyzed the results as they relate to LiquiGlide, stating that:

“We know that consumers hate waste and they’re clearly expressing a need for better packaging solutions…Our slippery, safe coating technology can be customized to help any viscous liquid slide easily across surfaces. We are confident that our permanently wet coatings are going to become an industry standard and change the world by significantly reducing consumer waste.”


Upset Stomach Reliever Cap w/ LiquiGlide Coating from LiquiGlide on Vimeo.


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