A “vast” change in chemical labeling standards could be a boon for four different types of companies that provide packaging services, I.D.C. analyst Amy Machado wrote in Package Printing.

On June 15, chemical manufacturers, suppliers and distributors must change their labels to comply with the new Hazard Communication Standard under the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification. Companies such as 3M and Dow Chemical will have to retool the labels on tens of thousands of chemicals, including such household standbys as paint, cleaners and lubricants.

For many manufacturers, it will no longer be possible to use an analog-printed “shell” label and add the variable information separately.

According to the author, this presents an opportunity for four types of companies related to packaging services:

  • On-demand printers will be needed by manufacturers that produce lots of chemicals.
  • Makers of standard-certified laser and inkjet printers will potentially see additional demand for their products.
  • Equipment and software vendors may be able to develop solutions to help their manufacturing clients create labels and manage design assets and packaging workflows.
  • Resellers knowledgeable about the new standard can help manufacturers evaluate all their labels and determine which ones need to be reworked.

h/t: http://www.packageprinting.com/article/data-points-are-you-ready-for-ghs/

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