Pentland—owner of Berghaus, Speedo, Lacoste and other brands—has engaged Lorax Compliance to ensure it follows EU packaging regulations.

EU Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation requires businesses to calculate and pay fees on the amount of packaging they place on the market. According to Lorax, Pentland’s type and amount of packaging fluctuate to keep up with frequent changes in the fashion industry.

Pentland has brought in Lorax to calculate its packaging quantities and make sure that its obligations are met. By analyzing Pentland’s packaging Bill of Materials (BOMs) and sales data to assess how much packaging it has placed on the UK market, Lorax can calculate Pentland’s fees.

Mark Baker, head of planning and risk at Pentland, said:

“Compliance is vital but it is, like all regulatory reporting, challenging. Lorax, with its unique software solution, is able to tackle this challenge head on and ensure we meet our obligations and pay the correct fees.”


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