Raven’s Lace PeachBerry Whiskey’s packaging label design presents the new brand from Heaven Hill as a ‘feminine’ alternative to traditional whisky. The packaging features an “intricate feminine lace design” close in color to the peachy pink whisky. The bottle’s raven black label provides a bold contrast with the pink while supporting the brand name.

According to the Wall Street Journal, flavored whiskey makes up twelve percent of whiskey sales. The brand claims that forty percent of flavored whiskey consumers are women. PeachBerry targets the purportedly growing number of women interested in these sweeter whiskeys. Heaven Hill will launch the new product in June with a digital “Whiskey Your Way” marketing campaign.

Brand Manager Hannah Venhoff said:

“We see tremendous opportunity for consumer diversification in flavored whiskey. Many of the flavored whiskeys on the market take a macho and assertive approach. Raven’s Lace features a trend-setting flavor profile targeting females looking for a sweet flavored whiskey with a bold color and package that is made for them.”

h/t: http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2015/04/heaven-hill-launches-feminine-flavoured-whiskey/

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