The Brawny Paper Towels lumberjack has been reimagined. The designers took packaging design inspiration from comic book heroes, making the Brawny man’s image more heroic, strong, confident and with a touch of mystery—only the bottom half of his face can be seen.

Brand owner Georgia-Pacific appointed Turner Duckworth to create a new package design and identity for Brawny. GP applied the new brand identity across all Brawny packaging, tweaking the design slightly depending on the size and use of the product.

According to Brawny Senior Brand Director Gary Gastel, consumers told the company that Brawny stands for “strength and resilience at an emotional level.” The designers made the Brawny man partially faceless to allow consumers to project these positive attributes onto themselves.

The new Brawny tagline, “Stay Giant” complements the paper towel packaging’s promise of 25 more sheets to every roll.

Gastel said:

“This new packaging was a big undertaking and a bold move on packaging to disrupt the category and stand out on shelf. Transitioning nationally in such a fast way was no easy task and we have now also seen consumers engage with packaging, taking pictures of themselves with the packaging and posting them on social media, which we have never seen anyone do.”


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