Packaging Content Management: Why it’s Essential for Brands

Successful brands usually have products that address the needs and wants of their target market. They use branding and marketing to attract consumers to these products, including the packaging.

But in order to get this packaging on the shelf to meet consumer demand, the marketing and branding teams need to create streamlined processes that maximize quality and efficiency. When brand packaging teams can optimize and structure their processes, they have the agility to go-to-market faster than their competitors.

But optimization is not static, so brand managers should always be on the lookout for useful technology that can propel their packaging processes to be faster and decrease the chance for error.

One system that can be a game-changer for consumer packaged companies is packaging content management. As part of the packaging workflow, a packaging content management module can automatically pull the right data for the text, symbols, and other content for an artwork project.

What is Packaging Content Management?

Packaging content management can be a key part of the process of creating packaging artwork. It is the management and structure of the content that will go on a package and should be easily available for designers who are working on the artwork, or reviewers who are approving the artwork. Proper packaging content management leads to less errors and quicker turnaround times for packaging design.

There are many benefits of a strong content management system within a packaging process.

The Right Information on a Package

The copy on a package is important for several reasons. The structured content like barcodes, warnings, symbols, and table of contents need to be accurate for the safety of consumers. Because of this, there are many regulations that revolve around packaging so companies need to ensure their packaging content is compliant. When packaging doesn’t adhere to regulations, the penalty could be a product recall or a hefty fine.

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A content management system will make it easy for packaging team members to access and use the correct content that has been cleared for production.

The Right Language on a Package

Global brands need to be especially thorough with their packaging content. There are many different variations of labels with different information and languages for each product. With so many versions of a single product, it can be difficult to manage. With packaging content management that is connected to workflow, you can manage your content translation by creating tasks for internal translation or use external automated translation systems.

The Right Messaging on a Package

Packaging copywriters know that the content on the packaging might look or sound different than what was intended when they wrote it on a blank sheet of paper. The slogan can be part of the packaging content, so it’s important to pull the right one so that the approver can see how it looks on the package. With packaging content management, this slogan is pulled directly from the workflow system so it is accurate but can be updated if needed.

The right information, language, and messaging on a packaging turn into one big advantage for brands: eliminating artwork creation errors due to content. This saves the money of costly recalls and the time and resources needed to make up for the errors.

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