Today we’re announcing a new addition to the Packaging/Labeling Design and Workflow Management Automation Toolkit. The Business Readiness Checklist now joins the BLUE Software Technology Readiness Checklist and Enterprise ROI Calculator to help packaging and labeling pros create more efficient and strategic processes.

The Business Readiness Checklist is a great starting point for CPG, pharma and retail private label companies that have yet to automate their artwork review and approval workflows. It’s also a good review and improvement tool for companies that are re-booting or expanding their existing technology.

A Growing Need for Automation

The need for automation is becoming ever stronger. In today’s competitive environment, companies are producing an increasing number of products and managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs. And the regulatory environment is continually demanding.

For example the upcoming FDA changes to the Nutrition Facts Label is putting new stress on CPG packaging teams. Similarly, pharmas are dealing with new labeling requirements in the US and abroad. These realities alone, are generating a significant up-tick in exploration of technology solutions.

Regulatory compliance is table stakes, though. The real business opportunity in automation lies in packaging innovation that responds to research-driven consumer insights and enables faster time to market – error free. Automation – based on the right objectives and using the right system to meet them – enables your company to compete at market speed – moving faster every day!

But packaging workflow automation can be a heavy lift — for smaller companies with limited resources as well as for global companies with enormous complexities. It’s not a simple question of viewing vendor demos, choosing a solution and forging ahead with implementation.

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To Automate or Not? Ask the Right Questions

To automate successfully, there are important questions to ask in preparation. Many companies we’ve worked with haven’t known to ask them. We based the Business Readiness Checklist on the processes we’ve taken companies through to help them determine whether they should undertake automation at all and, if so, how to launch and manage the process effectively.

We intend the Business Readiness Checklist to help start your automation project off in the right direction. Every company has unique needs and objectives that have to be considered along the way. The checklist provides basic and universal questions to get conversations started and to lay a foundation for more detailed planning.

Consider the Business Context

The Business Readiness Checklist asks some of the same questions as the Technology Readiness Checklist, but in a different context. For instance, you need to know the number of internal and external users who will access the system in order to select technology that will scale and to develop a scope for system implementation. But first, you need the same information to help make the business case for automation.

Download The Checklist

Are you exploring or implementing packaging automation? We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with the Chief Packaging Officer community in the comments.

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