Anheuser-Busch InBev has launched a new trio of Beck’s beers with premium packaging and labeling. The new premium beers include Pale Ale, 1873 Pils and Amber Lager.

Constantia Flexibles contributed to the new packaging and labeling by providing rotrogravure printed paper labels. The Austrian company printed the three label designs on highly refined white paper. Following instructions from Beck’s marketing team, Constantia combined gloss and matte varnishes to give the product a tactile finish and a premium appearance.

The black label was designed to communicate the Beck’s brand while also designating the premium line as independent of other beers in the line. The bottles’ paper neck labels feature a special varnish with UV mark recognition to simplify returning empties.

To reflect its special ingredients, each variety features its own descriptive tagline and accent color—“full-bodied and hoppy” in green (Pale Ale), “aromatic and smooth” in orange (Amber Lager) and “traditionally fresh” in gray (1873 Pils). The premium beer line features the tagline, “Taste the World.”


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