Gummy Bear and Gummy Worm manufacturer Black Forest has changed its packaging to better communicate a healthier brand positioning. Facing flat sales, the company realized its crucial message—Made with Real Fruit Juice—was lost on its dated package. Ferrara Candy Company, which owns Black Forest tasked partner Hughes Design Group with the packaging redesign challenge of modernizing the brand and simultaneously highlighting its naturally-sweetened message.

Hughes Design Group chose more eye-catching colors to emote an inviting, nature-centric feel. Daniella Kohler, account director and brand strategist at Hughes, told Package Design Magazine:

“We wanted to reinforce the goodness of these newly reformulated gummies and reflect the colorful nature of the gummies themselves. The new colors help draw impact at shelf and build brand awareness.”

The design company also emphasized the ‘healthier option’ message by putting the tagline “Real Juice, Real Goodness” across the top of the package and “Made with Real Fruit Juice and Vegetable Juice” in the center to optimize consumer awareness.

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