Combining an airless pump with a flexible pouch, MWV’s new MiniMod package design is optimized for use with health and beauty products, the company said. It works with low-to-medium viscosity products such as creams and lotions used in skincare and haircare.

The MiniMod comes in two stock sizes, 25 milliliters and 40 milliliters, and can also be customized to a desired shape or volume. Consumers can easily carry the pouches with them wherever they go, said Amber Ellis, MWV’s vice president of Beauty.

She said:

“Through our consumer insights research, we’ve found consumers store their favorite products in desk drawers, purses, backpacks and in the car. Many consumers use these products more frequently on the go than at home. … It’s in these instances where MiniMod is most valuable.”

Ellis will speak about the consumer research that led to the development of MiniMod at Luxe Pack New York in New York, May 14 at 11 a.m. EST. She will also discuss the product’s technical specifications and brand benefits.


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