Smith Design has created luxury packaging for the Nymi Band, a wearable biometric identity device created by Toronto-based Nymi. The package features the graphic of an electrocardiogram, made visible by a clear area of its sleeve. As the user pulls the sleeve across the box to open it, the graphic creates an animated effect of an EKG heartbeat.

According to Nymi, its patented biometric technology allows the Nymi Band to authenticate the user’s identity through his or her heartbeat. The band’s electrocardiogram sensor confirms the user and provides access to everyday technology, such as PIN numbers, passwords, bank cards, vehicle doors, car seats, home devices, hotel rooms and retail transactions.

Smith Design used a combination of materials and finishes to design a custom package that visually communicates the essence of the Nymi Band brand. The product launch included a Discovery Kit for developers and a separate package design sleeve for adopters who pre-ordered the Nymi band.


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