Nurses were the big draw at HealthPack 2015. At a panel discussion that’s reportedly one of the most popular offerings every year, the healthcare workers told attendees what they liked and loathed about a series of medical items and packages. Large, easy-to-read print on wrappers was the most common request, especially when it came to expiration dates.

One nurse said:

“It’s frustrating if you cannot see it. … It is nerve-racking as a nurse, because you want to make sure it is not expired.”

Another nurse said the expiration date should be isolated on a separate part of every package.

The nurse said:

“Have a highlighted box area or a way for me to know where it is. … If everything could be on the front and then just [the] expiration date on the back, that would [be] easy.”

Another nurse said product designers should think about how containers will be stacked on shelves. The nurse said that, ideally, they would be able to see a package’s expiration date without having to remove it from the shelf.

Since nurses are directly impacted by packaging trends, their judgments are valuable for designers.


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