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Lakuna Design’s goal was to create a unique package design for each blend of Cocoa Santé Hot Cocoa. Cocoa Santé also wanted the packaging to convey the brand’s themes of health and activeness.

In order to stand out from competitors, Cocoa Santé’s designs feature bold jewel tones instead of typical chocolate brown. The bright and lively colors also accent the Santé (“health”) in the brand’s name. These design choices emphasize the reported healthful properties of cacao. The on-the-go pouch design for active consumers aligns with the health-conscious theme. According to Lakuna Design, outdoor adventure gear company REI took notice of the brand’s health aesthetic and commissioned a variety pack box for their stores and online.

The four initial flavors include Azteca (orange), Nor’Easter (blue), Kashmir Spice (yellow) and Parisien (red). Each blend contains subtle design differences that refer to its own unique flavor profile. The blends contain various organic ingredients.


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