Visual packaging supplier HLP Klearfold has announced Duofold, a combination of clear, rigid plastic and paperboard. The company said the contrasting materials can be used to create unique visual packaging.

Duofold uses HLP Klearfold’s Soft Crease scored rigid film for its plastic components. Duofold packages can have several plastic carton panels, or windows that wrap around multiple score lines to allow greater visibility, according to the company. HLP Klearfold said Soft Crease adds extra integrity and strength to packages, allowing for larger windows.

According to the company, any combination of offset, flexo, and silkscreen printing—as well as foil stamping and other decorative effects—can be applied to the plastic, paperboard or both.

President Steve Frazier said:

“To better serve our customers, we are expanding our visual packaging product offerings to include Duofold plastic/paperboard combination packaging. Integrating these two very different substrates allows for some very unique structural designs and effects, many not possible in paperboard or plastic alone. It also enables two wholly distinct appearances and textures in a single package.”


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