Million Dollar Tan’s new Sheer Tan Glam sunless tanning system will come in VariBlend’s dual-dispensing packaging technology. The package holds two formulas—a tinted hydrating moisturizer and an anti-aging sunless tanner.

VariBlend CEO Robert Brands stressed that innovative packaging helps to ensure a successful launch in the personal care industry. According to Million Dollar Tan CEO Lindsay Dickhout, VariBlend offers an exceptional level of customization. She expects consumers to love the package’s ergonomics and functionality.

Dickhout said:

“The variable, dual-outlet dispenser blends our two separate formulas smoothly, evenly and cleanly, with no streaking, dripping or mess–which is important to our discerning customers. VariBlend allowed us to really create an innovative product unlike anything on the market. You essentially get two products for the convenience and price of one.”

According to VariBlend, its system offers precise delivery of two ingredients with different viscosities. The consumer rotates the dispenser head to select the shade of the tanner. Rotating the dispenser head moves the actuating disc, which interacts with the pump pistons. As the consumer activates the dispenser, the disc pushes the pistons at different angles, depending on the selected mixing ratio.


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