Equine Health Sciences has repackaged its Dr. Thornley’s Hay Balancer from a 50 pound woven feed bag to a 20 pound stand-up, flexible packaging “box pouch.” According to company President Todd Christensen, the old packaging was not water-resistant and difficult to open and store.

Flex-Pack designed the new flexible packaging to be water-resistant, as well as easy-to-carry, resealable, economical, eye-catching, stand-able and displayable on store shelves. The 20-pound package constitutes a 30-day food supply for most horses.

Christensen said:

“This makes the package easier for our key demographic–-40-65 year-old women horse owners—to handle, and it drives them back into the retailer more often than would a larger package. Finding a manufacturer that could meet our technical specs and at the same time make the bag economical for us in relatively low quantities was a challenge. Flex-Pack was not only able to meet our technical requirements, but they were able to meet our needs for an economical bag in relatively low quantities for our first runs. We were also delighted when we were told that the bags would be manufactured domestically and not overseas.”

h/t: http://www.packagingdigest.com/flexible-packaging/there-is-a-lot-of-horsing-around-this-box-pouch1504

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