Boonton, New Jersey-based Mediterranean Snacks has launched a new version of its tapaz2go snack packaging, consisting of a 50-gram cup for red pepper hummus and a 0.9-ounce bag for Snyder’s mini pretzels.

Introduced in spring 2013, the original tapaz2go pack expanded the company’s products in the “on-the-go, mini-meal” snack category. The original line included a 21-gram pouch of lentil crackers and an 80-gram thermoformed cup of hummus packed in a carton designed for portability. According to Vice President of Marketing Lonnie Williard, the shelf stability of products in the tapaz2go container made the packaging a hit for airlines, foodservice venues and vending machines.

The new version, launched in March 2015, has a longer, thinner shape designed for easy, on-the-go carrying. The original cracker carton has a circular perforation on the back panel that can be removed to create a holder for the hummus cup, while the new version features perforations along the top and front, allowing the consumer to tear and peel the top back, turning the box into a serving tray.

According to Williard, the company learned that consumers were more interested in the hummus and crackers than the tapaz2go container. As a result, the company updated the graphics on the cartons to focus on the snack items, rather than the package concept.


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