Pharmaceutical packaging company Palladio Group and electronic ink technology company E Ink have launched PhutureMed, a new smart packaging solution for pharmaceuticals. It features an electronic paper display (EPD) designed for pharmaceutical packaging. According to the companies, the new technology constantly monitors and displays everything that affects the medication, even if the batteries have been drained.

According to E Ink, PhutureMed can record each time the patient has taken a dose of the medication. This information can be analyzed and shared with medical practitioners, who can confirm that the patient has been taking the medication correctly. It also displays any handling of the medication that does not take place during the required times, allowing the patient to see whether or not it has been tampered with.

Palladio corporate product & innovation manager Gabriele Iannizzotto said:

“We always had a vision to incorporate intelligence into our packaging solutions. E Ink’s low power electronic ink technology was the only display product that provided a rugged, easily visible solution that could deliver the type of product we envisioned.”

This technology is similar to MVW’s smart packaging system, the MEMSCap. The child-resistant cap tracks and records the times the consumer opens the medication. One variation also includes an LCD display that lets patients see how many doses have been taken in the past day and the amount of time passed since the last dose. Dr. Bernard Vrijens of MVW expects smart packaging technology like MEMSCap and PhutureMed to grow within the pharmaceutical industry and shift from commercial only to both commercial and consumer use.


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