Schreiner MediPharm has announced a new label design with ten detachable parts to allow for easy documentation and tracking of medications.

The new design belongs to the company’s Pharma-Comb product family, which aims to simplify routine medical care in physician practices and hospitals by providing effective documentation of medications in patient records.

Schreiner MediPharm developed the new ten-part label design for a potent painkiller filled in small plastic containers and drawn using a pipette. The label consists of two layers and includes enough space for product information and ten consecutively numbered label parts, the company said. The detachable parts also have spaces to write in the date and administered dosage.

According to the German company, the label wraps around the container and is easy to open and re-seal. The design implements ‘starter tabs’ to simplify both handling the two layers and detaching the label parts. The individual adhesive labels were designed for medical workers to place into patient records.

According to Schreiner MediPharm, this label system enables simple and safe documentation, ensures reliable medication tracking and minimizes the risk of overmedicating.


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