The new Easysnap single-dose sachet packaging system can be opened with a single hand. The square sachet features a patented center cut that releases its liquid contents when the pack is bent in half. Easysnap was designed as an alternative to flexible sachets, monodose tubes, small bottles and thermoformed cups for applications such as food, beauty, and healthcare.

According to Christian Burattini, CEO and co-founder of Italy-based Easysnap Technology SRL, the sachet’s patented technology allows the center cut to be customized for the application, ensuring controlled dispensing and package integrity. The sachet is comprised of top and bottom multilayer film structures. The bottom barrier film’s outer layer and inner layers are scored.

“These two scores are variable, in depth and length, depending on product density, allowing for the best product dispensing when the sachet is folded with one hand,” said Burattini.

The sachet packaging won the 2008 Oscar of Packaging, the 2009 Worldstar Packaging Award, the 2012 Flexible Packaging Award and the 2012 Packaging for Vending Machines Award.


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