Butler, Penna.-based Agr International, Inc. has announced the commercialization of its PET crystallinity management system. The packaging technology will be marketed under the trade name “CrystalView™.” According to Chief Technical Officer Georg Wolfe, CrystalView™ will be incorporated into Agr’s Process Pilot® automated blowmolder management system to produce PET bottles with consistent crystalline structure and desired thickness distribution.

Wolfe recently presented the results of his team’s studies on the relationships that affect the crystalline structure of PET bottles during production, using both hot and chilled mold production processes. Agr used data from these experiments as the foundation of the blowmolder control algorithms that were incorporated into CrystalView™.

Wolfe said:

“Time to stress crack improved significantly by maximizing orientation in the cold process. By optimizing crystallinity/orientation there was no down side. Our findings showed that bottle performance factors either improved or stayed well within the required performance specifications. The CrystalView™ process provides stronger, better performing containers and enables the bottle producers to further light-weight with minimal risk. The CrystalView™ product will take advantage of the extensive knowledge base created over the last two years of our research and development effort.”

h/t: http://www.packagingeurope.com/Packaging-Europe-News/63483/Agr-to-Commercialize-PET-Crystallinity-Management.html

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