Bilcare Research Inc. has introduced FastPack™, a new packaging process for determining the ideal blister film barrier properties for the packaging of pharmaceutical products. The packaging solutions company said that in 15 business days, FastPack™ can identify a product’s two most optimal packaging materials in terms of cost and barrier protection.

As reported by Bilcare, FastPack™ is based on pharmaceutical formulation research conducted during the past 15 years. Bilcare scientists found that faulty packaging could be solved by analyzing the product’s physical attributes, rather than through time-consuming chemical testing.

FastPack™ determines a product’s susceptibility to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, light and oxygen, according to Bilcare. The product undergoes a variety of tests, including those measuring hygroscopicity, hardness, friability, and photosensitivity.

According to the company, FastPack™ can lessen packaging costs, save time for packaging engineers and avoid the analytical and material costs of other packaging stability studies.

“Bilcare’s FastPack™ is the ideal solution for companies that want to expedite product commercialization and reduce development time and costs associated with packaging needs,” said Ajith Nair, Senior Vice President of Research & Quality at Bilcare Research. “Determining a product’s environmental sensitivities can be achieved in only 15 days, a turnaround time that is unsurpassed by any other available process.”


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