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Renfro Food’s Dixieland brand of chow chow relish recently updated its packaging label design. The 50-year-old product’s new label and closure were designed to be contemporary while still maintaining the essence of the brand. Renfro Foods President Doug Renfro said:

“We still sell 100,000 jars each year of this classic Southern relish, first made by my father in the late 1950s. The recipe is basically unchanged, and it is still popular, especially with older customers. But it was time for a new look, with simpler, more colorful labels and a more contemporary, color-coordinated closure.”

The label was changed from yellow to white to present a fresh, bright and clean look. At the same time, the new label uses colors from the original design—blue for the mild relish and red for the hot version. Both flavors also sport a new custom-designed closure. Originally white, the closure now features the same red, white and blue colors from the new labels. It proudly refers to its legacy with the slogan, “Over Half a Century of Southern Hospitality.” h/t:

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