Walgreens asked the Studio One Eleven Division of Berlin Packaging to create rigid snack packaging for its Good & Delish™ nuts line. The design team set out to create a container to rejuvenate the line and differentiate it from its competitors.

The design team created the two-part PET cans to be stackable. VPET USA, Inc. molded the containers via injection stretch blowing. The injection-molded polypropylene screw-top closure, made by Phoenix Closures, can also be used as a single-serving bowl.

According to Walgreens, the new snack packaging has been well-received by consumers and the packaging industry. Walgreens Brand Manager Jodi Kier said, “Consumers love the portability and versatility of the new packaging. Since launch of the new package, Delish Nuts sales have grown by 23 percent, outpacing total nut category growth.”

The container won the Gold Medal at the 2015 National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) Packaging Awards.

It is similar to the packaging for Skippy’s P.B. Bites product, another on-the-go snack option. The Skippy container’s clear window allows customers to preview the product. According to Skippy, there is currently a demand for high protein snacks. The new Walgreens packaging tends to support this trend.

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/package-type/containers/walgreens-creatively-rethinks-nut-packaging

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