B. Braun OEM Division has added new bags for solutions to its line of medical packaging.

The German manufacturer said that the solution bags are made from biocompatible materials in single or multi-layer options, and standard and custom configurations are available in sizes ranging from 100-mililiters to 4000-mililiters.

The bags can have either single or dual chambers. According to B. Braun, the two-chamber model supports aseptic filling and stores the solutions separately until time of use. The bags can also be custom-printed.

According to the medical device manufacturer, it can supply compatible tubing, valves, catheters and other parts along with the bags to create a full fluid administration set. The bags are compatible with B. Braun OEM’s Excel®, Pab®, and Duplex® containers. B. Braun said it also provides packaging, sterilization, engineering assistance and other services.

The company manufactures the new bags in B. Braun’s production site in Mirandola, Italy. The plant also produces other U.S.-distributed medical packaging and devices.

h/t: http://www.healthcarepackaging.com/package-type/bagspouches/b-braun-medical-solution-bags

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