Nielsen, best known for its consumer research data, has announced the launch of its new product packaging design tool, the Nielsen Design Navigator. The tool is designed to help marketers improve the in-market effectiveness of package design.

The Nielsen Design Navigator utilizes technology developed by Affinnova, which Nielsen acquired in late 2014. According to Nielsen, the tool allows marketers to study a variety of early design concepts. The tool uses consumer-driven analytics to assess the concepts on the basis of visual stand out, consumer preference and brand equity.

Nielsen said the tool can help brand marketers and designers launch more effective package designs for new products as well as re-launched brands. According to early results from the company, brands using the Nielsen Design Navigator experience a 34 percent increase in package design stand out, a 28 percent increase in consumer preference for the product and a 5.5 percent increase in forecasted sales.

Executive Vice President of Product Leadership Andrew Somosi said:

“Design is one of the most underleveraged marketing tools because of the uncertainty built into the process and absence of metrics to track results. Solutions such as Nielsen Design Navigator have the power to change the design packaging game by empowering CMOs to view their package design work like they do advertising or social media—as a marketing investment with a clear and measurable financial return.”


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