Yerecic Label has launched SafetyReseal, a line of food packaging labels with tamper-evident and re-seal features.

The new labels are made specifically for bakery packaging. They are customizable for retailers and food manufacturers, according to the New Kensington, Penna.-based company. When the package has been opened, the break in the seal becomes obvious, Yerecic said. The upper portion of the label can close and re-seal the package repeatedly, the company added.

Yerecic said the label’s application will be similar or the same for most implementations used by delis and bakeries. According to the company, switching to SafetyReseal is affordable and easy.

Company Stresses Innovation

Yerecic Label President Art Yerecic said:

“We have been working hard to perfect this innovative product; we are very excited to bring this new solution to market. We always strive to find new solutions that will resonate with our customers and their fresh perimeter shoppers.”

Yerecic also offers the re-sealable food packaging labels in a version without the tamper-evident tabs.


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