Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based Pacur, LLC has introduced a new multilayer PETG foam for medical packaging. According to the company, the foam is a durable and clean alternative to HIPS for opaque, rigid medical packaging.

Pacur partnered with Kingsport, Tenn.-based Eastman Chemical Company and Batavia, Ill.-based Tek Pak, Inc. to create and launch the new foam.

The foam’s layers are comprised of two Eastman materials. According to Pacur, the foam’s Eastalite™ copolyester core results in a lightweight, cushioning effect. The rest of the foam is made from skins of Eastman Eastar™ copolyester 6763. As a result of its multilayer structure, the foam is shock-absorbent for impact resistance during shipping, said the company. When thermoformed into medical packaging, this structure protects the product from microbes, added Pacur.

According to Eastman, containers made with Eastalite™ sheet can be designed with deep undercuts and durable living hinges and exhibit less stress whitening than packaging molded from HIPS. Eastalite™ can also provide greater tear strength while retaining color stability and functional integrity following EtO sterilization or gamma irradiation, added Eastman.

h/t: http://www.healthcarepackaging.com/material-type/polymers/pacur-llc-petg-foam

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