French company Sofrigam has announced Igloo, an insulated kit that provides pharma packaging solutions for heat-sensitive medicines. According to the company, the kit consists of a pouch and a cold source and protects medicines at temperatures between plus 2 degrees Celsius and plus 8 degrees Celsius for up to one hour, protecting prescriptions while en route from the pharmacy to the patient’s home.

According to Sofrigram, Igloo is affordable, easy to prepare and accommodates any size of heat-sensitive healthcare products. The company also said the kit satisfies the request from the National Council of Pharmacists to bring to the market a suitable packaging solution with a minimum sustained cooling capacity of 20 minutes within the temperature range plus 2 degrees Celsius to plus 8 degrees Celsius.

As stated by Sofrigram, a heat-sensitive medicine will exceed plus 8 degrees Celsius in less than five minutes, and changes in temperature are not visually apparent. Insulated packaging prevents the medicine from becoming ineffective or toxic, the company added.


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